I’ve decided not to be an ostrich

I’m a few days late posting this, but here are my 30 day results.







90 day target weight



Goal weight






Basic Measurements






R Arm



L Arm









R. Thigh



L. Thigh









Body Fat %

























I’m not entirely pleased with this, as my goal was to lose closer to 10lbs a month. But I’ve started, and that’s what has to count.

So in the past, what I end up doing is beating myself up, and backsliding, all with the negative mindset of “I’m never going to lose weight”, and “Why do I even bother, nothing ever changes”. I’m trying not to bring myself down, even though I only lost a paltry 4 pounds this month. I tried to identify what I did not do this last month that will help me in the next 30 days without being negative.

-I didn’t keep a food log

-I didn’t stick with the workout plan

-I don’t have complete control over what I eat every day. (More on that later)

On the positive side,

-I have only had one soda this month

-I have started eating more veggies

-I have been going on long walks with the hubby instead of always going to the gym

But the real crux is, yes, I was busting my ass in the gym and at home, but I didn’t start doing that until nearly 2 weeks after I took my measurements. And then in the last week, I really felt myself struggling to stay focused on my goals. There just seemed to be so much shit happening, I started letting it bring me down. So, I did what I always do: I poked my head in the sand and ignored my life.

I say that I don’t have total control over what I eat because currently, my in-laws are living with me and they were cooking most meals, since I got tired of the complaints that my food was too spicy, or so-and-so doesn’t like beans, or whatever. So, I did the ostrich thing and let them take over the cooking since they didn’t like what I was making. But then, while I eat the food they cook, I realized, I don’t particularly care for their cooking either-so there!

I’ve felt, and my husband has frequently commented, that it seemed like they are trying to sabotage our efforts to eat healthy. As soon as we announced we were going to start exercising regularly and eating right, they started cooking more meals that relied on deep frying and/or copious amounts of oil to cook. They also seemed to be making sweets at every turn. It is aggravating because we have asked that they not fry the foods, or use so much oil, and their response is, “Well, that’s how we cook it” or more infuriating, “That’s how it says to cook it.” GAH! And every meal has to have bread! We go through so much bread in this house, it’s ridiculous.

So, in the last few weeks, I have stepped up my own kitchen efforts to try and take control of what I eat. I’ve been planning and cooking more meals myself. I also started using my plate to manage my portions, using half for veggies, and the other side is divided for starches and protein. Cardiosmart.org has an excellent graphic of how my usual dinner plate looks:

As far as my workouts went, I primarily focused on my gym workouts, and I didn’t always do my Beachbody program. And that’s sad because I love my Beachbody programs, I just wasn’t making the time to do them in the mornings like I needed to. Ideally, I would be getting up early enough to get in my morning workout, before the kids are up for school. Then in the afternoon, my husband and I would hit the gym or go for a walk. But I wasn’t doing my part.

But that’s okay. I’m done being an ostrich about my life and how I approach things. I’m done half-assing my life and making excuses. After all, that’s why I started this blog, and why I want to help other people through my website, www.quitbitching-getfit.com. I want to make my business successful, and the way to do that is by advertising my own results and my own struggles.

I want to stop making excuses as to why I can’t lose weight. And stop rationalizing my failures. And no, I don’t think I’m blaming my family for keeping me fat. I made a choice to let them do the cooking. However, when I saw how they were doing it, I started taking a more active role in the kitchen. Yes, I hate getting up early. But I will at least make an effort, which will be easier when the house dynamics change in 2 weeks.




Goals, Schmoals!

A big part of getting started with changing your life is setting goals.  Everyone has goals-these are the things-big and small-that set us in motion.  Whether we are looking to save money, buy a house, or get fit, we all have specific goals in mind for our lives.

But how many of us actually write them down?

In the past, I had written out my goals in a general sense.  They were:

-lose weight

-pay off our debt

-save money for a family vacation

My problem was even though I had written it down, I didn’t keep it in sight.  For whatever reason, I didn’t print out my goals and put them everywhere that I could see them!  I had them written down in a little notebook, whereabouts unknown.  I only looked at them occasionally.  And eventually, I would lose site of those goals and my efforts would grind to a halt.

But how do you set goals and maintain your focus?

Whenever you ask yourself what you want to achieve from your fitness program, instead of giving a vague answer like “I want to lose weight”, we need to strip it down to the details.  Some of the questions that can help us do that are:

How many pounds do you want to lose?

What size clothes do you want to wear?

What clothing store do you want to shop in?

We all have a big goal, the holy grail, if you will, of what our ideal weight should be, where we want to shop, and how we want to look. Last week, I shared some tools that I used to find my ideal weight, so I know I need to be looking at losing 75 lbs.  Now, I’m going to break that down into “mini goals” that will help my achieve this.


I want to lose 75 lbs

I want to be wear single digit sizes

I want to be healthy and a good role model for my kids


I will buy a new wardrobe from my dream stores: Banana Republic, New   York & Co., The Loft

I will give away all my “big clothes” to a local charity


I will lose 8 lbs this month

I will learn 5 new healthy recipes my family will eat AND love

I will be able to run 1 mile without stopping


I will download 2 new songs from iTunes for every 4 lbs I lose

I will treat myself to a spa pedicure

I will buy new food storage containers to help me store healthy   grains and snacks in the pantry


I will work out 5 times this week

I will not drink any sodas this week

I will lose 2 lbs this week

I will eat clean this week


I will take the money I saved on groceries not buying processed foods   and buy a new book

I will treat myself to a movie with my family on Sunday

I will spend 2 hours crafting to my heart’s content


I will drink Shakeology every day

I will make time for my workouts

I will drink 2 bottles of water every day

I will log all my food in my food diary


I will veg out and watch my favorite TV show in the evening.

I will make time for myself and read for an hour uninterrupted.

I will bask in the smug glow of my own self-satisfaction

Key points:

WRITE DOWN your goals!  Print them out, post them everywhere! Set reminders on your phone, so you see those goals every hour.

No goal is too big-but be realistic!  You can’t healthily lose 30 lbs in 30 days.  Set your sights high!

The Numbers Game

One of the biggest questions we ask ourselves before we begin a new fitness/diet regimen is “How much do I want to lose?” or we tell ourselves “I want to get down to XXX lbs.” But the first thing we should be asking ourselves is “What’s the right weight for me?”

One of the most useful things you can do is to determine your ideal weight and your body fat percentage. The most accurate way to find out your body fat at home is to use a calipers, like the Accumeasure, and do a 7-site body fat test.  You will need someone to help you with this, because the measurements include your shoulder blade and your lower back.

I can’t find my Accumeasure-I swear it was RIGHT there-so I used a fabric tape measure to take some measurements.  Generally, you need your height, weight, waist, and if you’re a woman, your hips.  I tested a few body fat claculators online and my results widely varied from 29% (yeah, right!) to 67% (eek!).  I decided to use the one from http://www.healthyforms.com/helpful-tools/body-fat-percentage.php since it is closest to my Tanita scale results.  Healthy Forms gave me a lovely 46% body fat.

So now what?  I got these numbers already confirming what I already know-He-llo! I’m fat!  BUT-knowing my body fat percentage gives me a better idea of much weight loss is realistic.  Look at this chart from http://www.bmi-calculator.net/body-fat-calculator/body-fat-chart.php below:

Body Fat Percentage Categories
Classification Women (% fat) Men (% fat)
Essential Fat 10-12% 2-4%
Athletes 14-20% 6-13%
Fitness 21-24% 14-17%
Acceptable 25-31% 18-25%
Obese 32%+ 25%+

Using this chart, I can see which category I’d like to fit into-which is “Fitness”-or between 21%-24% Body Fat.  based on the information I posted above, I can surely say yeah, I want to lose 80 lbs.  But I don’t want to just lose 80 lbs of my total body weight-I want to lose 80 lbs of FAT.  And how do I do that? and how much do I need to eat? and how can I figure out what my Lean Body Mass is?So I found this: http://www.cordianet.com/calculator.htm, which gave me:

BF calculation

Now, I know my Lean Body Mass is 120, and my goal weight should be about 150 at 20% Body Fat.

I’ve also found out estimates for my Basal Metabolic Rate, my total daily calorie burn, and how many calories I need to lose weight.    Like I said, these are estimates-everybody’s different.  I know that a 30 minute session of TurboFire torches about 700 calories for me.  It may be more for some people, or less.

Use these tools for basic information and as a starting point, not the be-all-end-all.  Weight loss is not a “One size fits all” kind of deal.





We all have to start somewhere…

You know that saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”?  Lao-tzu said that back around 500 B.C.  B.C.!!!  And how true those words are today or any day when we finally decide it’s time for a change.

Today, I am officially starting my fitness journey.  A journey into healthy and fit living.  I may have started walking many times in the past, but today is not yesterday.  This time is different, because I’m using tools I didn’t use in the past: an awesome support system within the Beachbody community, a proven exercise plan, and not taking “no” for an answer.  I am ready to live up to the hype of my website, and I’m going to Quit Bitching! Get Fit!

One of the hardest things for me when I start a fitness programs is actually sitting down and 1)letting go of the baggage and negative thinking and 2)actually writing down my goals and keeping them in the forefront.

So, here it is in black and white.  And a little color!

28-Dec-12 Before
weight 224
90 day target   weight 190
Goal weight 140
Basic Measurements
Chest 44
R Arm 14
L Arm 14
Waist 47
Hips 50
R. Thigh 23
L. Thigh 23

Here is my before picture: