Well, yeah. It’s like that.

The last month and a half have been a real doozy. I haven’t been keeping up with my workout plan, and what’s more, haven’t really kept up with my nutrition like I should. But, I haven’t gained any weight back, and in fact continued to lose a few pounds despite the stress.

When I say that the last two weeks were the longest in my life, they were. There was a constant sense of anticipation, anxiety, and stress. But it is done now and I can go back to doing what I need to do. Did I really need that time? Probably not. Was I being an ostrich again? Maybe. Instead of feeling like a kid Christmas Eve, I felt like I was swimming in a sea of sharks a la Homer Simpson.

Forget the last two weeks. The last few months have tried the limits of my patience, my sanity, and my wallet. We have had my husband’s mother, brother, his wife, and their daughter living with us. We went from being a family of 4 to 8, still trying to buy groceries on one budget. Let me add that while my BIL had a job, he contributed hardly anything to household expenses, despite the fact he said he would.

I had my MIL and SIL in the kitchen, constantly. We shared cooking duties for the most part, and I didn’t have a problem with that. Except that THEY FRY ALMOST EVERYTHING! And God forbid there not be any bread at the table for dinner. After my husband and I decided to get in shape and stop being fat-asses, their cooking habits were a problem. This seemed like it escalated after my husband and I announced we were going on a “diet”. They started making homemade bread, and homemade, butter-filled crescents with Nutella in the middle or other sweets and fried goodies. If I or my husband asked them not to fry the foods, their reply was “well, that’s how it says to make it”, or my favorite, “that’s how we always make it”.

By this time of their stay, I had pretty much resigned myself to eating foods drowned in oil, and having to evade a minefield of tempting goodies every time I went into the kitchen. I had ceded control of the kitchen because for them, if dinner isn’t started by noon, they go into panic mode since everything has to be boiled, baked, or fried within an inch of its life. Also, I got tired of the complaints that my niece or SIL don’t like this, or don’t like that, or this is too spicy or this has beans in it.

But that’s all over now. I told my husband they needed to get their own place, and sooner rather than later, and within a month, they are now living in their own little apartment. I’m just hoping it’s not too late to recover financially (and physically) from this nut roll. We’ve been indulging a bit in our newfound freedom, but the hard work is just beginning. We’ve had about a month now, readjusting to just being “us”. That included having leftovers in the fridge, resuming noisy sex, and eating healthier.

So yeah, it’s like that. Sometimes, life does get in the way, and I have to take a step back. I was never far, and I was constantly thinking about what I was going to accomplish without these ungrateful assholes living in my house. I participated in a webinar that has helped focus me and made me think about what direction I should take in my Beachbody business. We also found out where our next duty station is, and I plan on being ready to rock-and-roll with a new lifestyle that balances fitness, family, and learning to love myself. And now, I feel the journey can truly begin.


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