Do. Or Do not. There is no “try”.

It’s Motivation Monday, and boy do I need some today! I feel like I’m seriously dragging ass this morning.  I’m feeling like my “get up and go” is still in bed!  My 6 Day Express is finished, and to tell you the truth, the hardest part was getting started itself.  I lost 5 lbs in all. I’m trying hard to tell myself that it is a great number, but it just seems so paltry compared to what I wanted by the end of March.  However, I know that much of this disappointment is actually from doing what I have usually done.  I know a deadline is coming up, yet I fritter my time away and then try to make a last minute push and expect amazing results. Why do I do that?!?

I can’t tell that I’ve lost weight other than my clothes are much looser and I’m getting increasingly annoyed about my sagging pants.  The hubs says he can definitely tell.  I can tell he likes what he’s seeing as he won’t stop ogling me when I’m changing.  For a little change of pace, I’m posting one of my starting pictures and a picture of me at 90 days.  Looking at the pics side by side, I can see the difference.  Wowy! Where did the gut go?


This is me at 224lbs

90 day

This was yesterday, at the end of my 6 Day Express

On one level, I am totally thrilled I lost 5 lbs in one week.  But the other side of me is saying, yes, and that’s the only weight you lost this MONTH, you lazy B.  The dichotomy of my 2 selves is in conflict.  The name-caller is also my naysayer, my insulter, my evil twin.  She says I’ll never get where I’m going.  The kinder, gentler me agrees (bitch!), but she also reminds me that I will get there if I continue to move forward and not dwell on the past.  Okay. But how do I do that and do it faster?

Over the last week, I’ve decided to continue to doing my 2-a-day workouts.  While I can’t eat like the 6-Day Express everyday, I can incorporate a few days of it during the week. The other days, I’ll add more fruits, veggies, and complex carbs. I’m definitely sticking with my Shakeology in the morning. It’s easy, nutritious, and leaves me some extra calories I can play around with later in the day.

One of the biggest things I’m coming to terms with right now is over the last 90 days, I’ve lost about 4 lbs a month with practically little effort.  But then I commit to eating right and exercising for 1 week, and I lose 5 lbs.  Of course I don’t expect to lose that much every week, but imagine the implications.  If I worked hard, ate right for the next 6 weeks, how much weight could I possible lose?  If I gave myself the opportunity to think positive, drowning my evil twin in sweat and motivation, what could I achieve?

Bottom line that I’m getting from all this: I’m not going to “try” to do this.  I will do it.


4 thoughts on “Do. Or Do not. There is no “try”.

  1. fittofrolick says:

    progress is progress! keep it up and you can make your goals happen!

  2. Dana Linn says:

    Keep up the good work!! I have been on Insanity for 2 weeks and eating pretty stinkin good and haven’t noticed any change in my body (weight) other than i can do more pushups and squats. So i decided to order shakeology! Does it really help lose weight?! Any one I ask is a beachbody coach and I am not trying to be sold on something for them to make $$…any tips?! You look fab!!

    • ahristofidis says:

      Well, I am a Beachbody coach :), but my blog is for my personal journey to fitness (and fabulousness!). Shakeology can help you lose weight when you use it with your meal plans either as a replacement or a snack. I’ve noticed that I don’t snack as much or have cravings for those snacks and I’m more regular when I drink it. Also, since I’m terrible about taking anything with any regularity-including vitamins-it’s a good way for me to get the minerals and vitamins I’m not getting from my food.

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